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Narrative Coaching opportunity

I write to you with exciting news! Dr. David Drake has partnered with WBECS to bring the global coaching community a groundbreaking new program called Narrative Coach. Today, registration has opened for his 90-minute workshop called “Discover the Last Mile…
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The problem with mindfulness

I recently posted on the Google+ CreativeHE community a comment in which I referred to feeling ambiguous about mindfulness – and was asked to explain. Basically my criticism is similar to a lot of discussion involving terms like MCMindfullness being used to…
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On-line resource for coaches

Mark Walsh is offering his on-line course for coaches, free in February – a useful set of resources: THe BODY OF COACHING IS THE WORLD’S FIRST IN-DEPTH VIDEO LEARNING PACKAGE FOR COACHES TO LEARN ABOUT WORKING PRAGMATICALLY WITH THE BODY.…
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