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Using microsoft office

Office 2016

About to try the Office 2016 preview – which will be interesting.  Have had trouble trying to install power Query for excel – but that is now included so solves that problem. In the meantime have been looking at embedding…
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Managing the stress

Have done no more work on excel which is frustrating – but too much on! Apart from just having too much to do I have found that my use of outlook task has crumbled under the strain – an ever…
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Outlook for Android

Trying out the Outlook preview app on android, which is developing quite fast and I have moved over totally from my previous app. It is interesting how it has features not avaliable on the normal version, like the ability to…
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Heat maps in excel

Worth looking at for presenting geographical data Power Map for Excel–February update for Office 365 http://blogs.office.com/2015/02/10/power-map-excel-february-update-office-365-2/

Excel online survey

As microsoft develops its on-line tools it is catching up with google.  One area of this is the on-line survey tool.  You can set up a simple survey and the results appear in a spreadsheet. This may be the solution…
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Using Microsoft Office

Since the College where I work has instigated a managed desktop strategy I have had to move over to using microsoft office where previously I have used a variety of tools. This blog is a reflective account of the development…
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