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International Higher Education

International Higher Education offers commentary and current information on key issues that shape higher education worldwide, from the perspective of distinguished international scholars, policymakers and informed practitioners. Source: International Higher Education

On-line resource for coaches

Mark Walsh is offering his on-line course for coaches, free in February – a useful set of resources: THe BODY OF COACHING IS THE WORLD’S FIRST IN-DEPTH VIDEO LEARNING PACKAGE FOR COACHES TO LEARN ABOUT WORKING PRAGMATICALLY WITH THE BODY.…
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Research article

This article is specifically about the balance and relationship between auditory and visual information – but the introduction is a good summary of lots of research around presentation – Partial Verbal Redundancyin Multimedia Presentations for Writing Strategy InstructionRod D. Roscoe, Matthew…
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Presentation Software that Inspires | Haiku Deck

Presentation Software that Inspires | Haiku Deck: “Meet Haiku Deck, a completely new kind of presentation software. We make telling your story simple, beautiful, and fun.” ‘via Blog this’


Templates | Piktochart: Create simple infographics using this tool – worth a look ‘via Blog this’

Jisc Digital Media | enhancing-presentations-for-the-multimedia-generation-home

Jisc Digital Media | enhancing-presentations-for-the-multimedia-generation-home: “Enhancing Presentations for the Multimedia generation This infokit will provide guidance on best approaches in using presentation software such as PowerPoint, Prezi and Slideshare, looking at their advantages and disadvantages, using multimedia to enhance the content…
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