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Narrative Coaching opportunity

I write to you with exciting news! Dr. David Drake has partnered with WBECS to bring the global coaching community a groundbreaking new program called Narrative Coach. Today, registration has opened for his 90-minute workshop called “Discover the Last Mile…
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The State of Being Stuck | Math with Bad Drawings

https://mathwithbaddrawings.com/2017/09/20/the-state-of-being-stuck/#more-7860 Interesting article about learning mathematics. I suspect that it is relevant to the hard sciences, but raises the interesting question about the hunanities, what if anything is the equivalent?

The HE Bill – is now passed

After a much shorter debate due to the General Election the HE Bill is now an act, leaving us all to wonder if a better outcome would have been possible with fuller discussion. As ever WonkHE has a good guide and…
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The problem with mindfulness

I recently posted on the Google+ CreativeHE community a comment in which I referred to feeling ambiguous about mindfulness – and was asked to explain. Basically my criticism is similar to a lot of discussion involving terms like MCMindfullness being used to…
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25 years since the end of the binary divide

It probably doesn’t mean anything to those who didn’t live through it, but WonkHE reminds us that’s it is 25 years since the end to the university/polytechnic divide in the UK I started my career in a polytechnic and have mixed…
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Word clouds

For creative word clouds – try Wordart Can create word clouds in shapes – cool.